I am sending you a warm greeting on behalf of our company and employees who dedicate their hard works for health of everyone in the nation!

Monos Pharma LLC, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of the nation, produces high quality medicines accredited by ISO standards through considering the satisfaction of customers for the effective results of our medicines.

Monos Pharma LLC has a long standing history through its contribution towards the development of the pharmaceutical manufacturing and health sector in Mongolia. The company has been operating by leading and guiding the industry based on its innovative approaches in science and pharmaceutical manufacturing of the nation.

Our company aims to introduce Mongolian minds to the world and under this purpose we have opened a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in compliance with internationally accepted GMP standards through implementing ISO 9001 standards and other required standards in our operations.

We aim at sustainable development and operations in order to make leading contributions towards pharmaceutical manufacturing to bring its development to the next level as well as to compete in the global market with our Mongolian-made products.

Monos Pharma LLC CEO М.Odgerel